Business Coaching

business coaching

As a business owner you have ideas for the future but do you have a clear vision of how to get there? Star athletes need a coach to plan their next move and a business is no different. You know your business but still guidance to turn your dreams into a game plan that leads to your goals. At Portia Haggerty CPA, we'll be become your business coach. We'll supply the creative thinking, business ideas, and financial insights for your journey that will inspire you to reach farther than you thought you could and gain more than you imagined.

When you work with us, our team will become an extension of your team. We’ll show you the big picture with diagnostic tools that dig deep into your finances and unearth areas where critical adjustments are needed. Armed with this data, you'll be able to implement changes in your business that will increase revenues and provide opportunities to expand. We’ll also harness the power of a strong tax strategy to limit tax exposure so you have more cash on hand to pursue your plans for growth.

Small Business Coaching

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  • CFO services
  • Budgets and forecasting
  • KPI development and tracking
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Business turnaround
  • Operational improvements
  • Banking liaison and application assistance
  • Marketing plan development and review
  • Tax reduction planning
  • Consulting for special projects

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